Riki Lindhome Nude Scene From “Hell Baby”

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we take a look back at Riki Lindhome’s full frontal nude scene from the 2013 film “Hell Baby”.

Seeing Riki Lindhome’s saggy flapjack titties and greased up silky smooth sin slit is certainly a good representation of hell. Although the fact that Riki spews hateful hippie feminist propaganda, and then denounces the holy act of circumcision is what makes this nude scene especially unbearable.

Speaking of circumcision, Riki’s droopy lady lips could certainly use a good trimming. Perhaps if her cock cave was ground down into a mass of desensitized scar tissue she would not be such a brazen whore who flaunts her fully nude body like this… But really who are we kidding, Riki’s mangled piss flaps is not what we have to chop off to put an end to her sickening depravity.

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