Rihanna Thong Booty Dance In Concert

The degenerate she-beast known only as “Rihanna” is back on tour, and her new stage show features her bending over and swaying her ass while in a thong and nipple pasties.

Rihanna’s savage sluttery is to be expected, for as a primitive creature from deep in the jungles of the African nation of “Barbados” she only knows how to perform the most base behaviors like ass shaking, twerking, and peeling bananas with her feet while swinging from vines.

Yes Rihanna can not be blamed for this most depraved of in concert butt displays, for it is ingrained in her nature. One wouldn’t condemn a lion for devouring a gazelle, or for an even more apropos analogy, a dog sniffing a man’s crotch. However, even though Rihanna may be innocent the Zionist music producers who push her primal music on the infidel masses to acquire their shekels are certainly culpable for this booty dancing and Rihanna’s numerous other crimes, and they will have to pay the ultimate price when Islam finishes conquering the Western world.

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