Uma Thurman Nude Scene From “Dangerous Liaisons”

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we take a look back at a freshly turned 18-year-old Uma Thurman’s nude scene from the 1988 film “Dangerous Liaisons”.

This Uma Thurman nude scene perfectly illustrates the importance of getting a skilled and reputable hymen inspector before purchasing a girl for marriage. For on Uma’s wedding night when her husband-to-be is forced to beat her senseless and return her to her father for a full refund of his dowry, this fact will become all too clear. As the unscrupulous lout in this video not only almost certainly bruises the petals on Uma’s teen lady flower, but also pops her cherry thus rendering her essentially valueless as a wife.

As a renowned Muslim Imam I have personally examined the maidenheads of hundreds of would-be brides so I am something of an expert on this subject, and let me just say that I hardly ever puncture the marital membrane with my gentle touch. Furthermore I assure all my clients that any penetration that may occur during the examination process will only be of the rectal or oral variety, thus giving fathers and fiances peace of mind.

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