Kristen Stewart Caught In The Act Cheating Again

Kristen Stewart Caught In The Act Cheating Again

As you can see in the photo above, Kristen Stewart has been caught cheating again! This time it appears as though Kristen is being unfaithful with fellow actress Kristen Bell.

Kristen Stewart’s foppish half-a-queer limey boyfriend Robert Pattinson, just took Kristen back after she was caught cheating last month with director Rupert Sanders.

However, when Robert forgave Kristen he made her promise that she would never cheat on him again… without letting him suck the creampie out of her orifices.

Of course by cheating with Kristen Bell, Stewart has effectively eliminated any chance Robert had of getting some sweet man juice on his lips. An offense that will no doubt be unforgivable by Robert, and spell the end of their relationship.

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