Britney Spears Bikini Beach Dance Video

Britney Spears shows that she has still got it, as she dances around in a bikini on the beach in the sickening video above.

Of course the “it” that I am referring to which Britney Spears has still got (besides herpes) is a complete and total lack of self-awareness and morality. For only an extremely self-deluded woman like Britney Spears would think that she still looks good enough to be parading around her nearly naked body like this, when in reality her physical appearance has not been halal since her days on “The Mickey Mouse Club”.

Yes it is clear from this bikini dance video that what Britney Spears needs is a healthy dose of reality (and Valtrex). For her dilapidated old lady body is not only an affront to the senses, but an offense to the blessed Prophet and all of his teachings exalting the many virtues of nubile female flesh.

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