Alexandra Daddario’s Hottest Moments Video

“San Andreas” comes out in theaters this week and the film is actress Alexandra Daddario’s first starring role in a major motion picture (if you don’t count those stupid “Percy Jackson” movies) after years of whoring her body in lesser roles in heathen Hollywood. To celebrate this momentous achievement we have compiled all of Alexandra Daddario’s hottest moments to date in the video above.

As you can see from this video, no one can say that Alexandra didn’t pay her dues, especially after letting Woody Harrelson lick her anus hole on camera for “True Detective”.

No doubt Alexandra has an extremely bright future ahead of her, as she continues to prostitute her nearly flawless body for her Zionist masters in Hollywood. Of course that future is only made so bright by the flames of the eternal hellfire that no doubt wait for her thanks to all of her brazen crimes against morality which were so stylishly documented in this video.

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