Natalie Portman Nude While Getting Urinated On In “Planetarium”

Actress and Jewess Natalie Portman gets her sickeningly scrawny nude body urinated on in the video above from her new film “Planetarium”.

While it is certainly halal to pee on a woman (especially a Jewish one), there is something quite unsettling about the sight of Natalie’s dumpy nude pancake butt in this video.

If the holocaust wasn’t a Jew lie to garner international sympathy so that the heathen Hebrew scum could subjugate our Palestinian brothers with impunity, then I imagine a survivor of the (fictitious) concentration camps probably looked something like Natalie in this video. In fact, instead of pissing on Natalie’s back this guy should have taken a dump in her mouth. For it is clear from this video that Natalie’s bony ass desperately needs to eat a sandwich… Even if it is a shit sandwich.


Of course this wasn’t always the case, for as you can see in the video above of Natalie Portman in a thong basically showing her butthole while playing a stripper in the movie “Closer”, there was a time long ago when Natalie’s rump was pleasantly plump and firm.

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