Michelle Williams’ First Ever Nude Scene In “If These Walls Could Talk 2”

The video above features a then 19-year-old Michelle Williams’ first ever onscreen nude scene in the film “If These Walls Could Talk 2”.

Seeing Michelle’s smooth supple teen titties as she engages in blasphemous lesboqueer love making with Macaulay Culkin (who went by the name of Chloe Sevigny back then), certainly illustrates why it is so important for actresses to only do nude scenes at the very beginning of their careers.

For Michelle’s boob sacks don’t look half bad in these nude scenes, as gravity and Father Time have not taken their cruel toll on them yet. Unfortunately Michelle continued to flaunt her rapidly deteriorating breast meat over the many years since this film came out. Now what should have been the pinnacle of Michelle’s acting career is obscured by the memory of decades of monstrously deflated mammaries.

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