Kristen Stewart Lesbian Kissing On SNL

In a sketch for “Saturday Night Live” Kristen Stewart engages in a passionate wet lesbian make out session with Vanessa Bayer in the video above.

Clearly the syphilis riddled brains of the degenerate SNL writers have finally gotten the better of them, for there is certainly nothing funny about Kristen and Vanessa lesbodyking in this video. In fact, the only adjective that could accurately describe such a blasphemous scene would be nauseatingly infuriating.

Yes after witnessing Kristen Stewart’s warm wet mouth eagerly exploring that of another woman’s not only did I vomit all over the outside of my tunic, but my mighty meat python grew rigid with rage and spit-up all over the inside. You better believe Kristen will be receiving the dry cleaning bill and I will also demand that she provide additional compensation for my mental pain and suffering, for the thought of Kristen having sex with another woman will haunt my dreams for many moons to come (not to mention the nightmares I will have of Kristen wearing the little black dress in the video below).

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