Kristen Stewart And Chloe Sevigny’s Nude Scenes From “Lizzie”

The video above features Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevigny’s nude scenes from their new movie “Lizzie”.

For those who do not know this movie is a radical re-imagining of the infamous Lizzie Borden murders which so captivated the American populace in 1892 that it became a part of US folklore. Of course in modern liberal Hollywood Lizzie is portrayed as the hero, for she bravely uses a hatchet to chop down her oppressive mother and father after they did not accept her deviant unnatural lesboqueer lifestyle.

This is just the sort of subversive smut that the Zionists love to promote to degrade society, and reform it in their own sickening Satanic image. No doubt both Kristen and Chloe will be getting Oscar nominations for their performances… Especially after the extremely symbolic scene in which they strip naked and triumphantly slaughter the evil conservative Christian white male patriarch.

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