Emma Watson Finally Comes Clean About Her Sex Addiction

It has long been rumored that Emma Watson is the biggest nympho sex addict in heathen Hollywood, and that before starring in a film she will demand that her contract states that she gets to film numerous hardcore sex scenes regardless of whether they end up in the finished movie or not.

As you can see in the video above, Emma Watson appears to have finally come clean about her degenerate ways as she confesses in an interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel that it has been “a big part of her life” since the age of 9-years-old. The video goes on to show the numerous graphic deleted sex scenes Emma filmed throughout her years working in the entertainment industry.

Of course not surprisingly Emma Watson appears unrepentant about indulging in such on camera depravity. In fact she actually seems proud of her immoral addiction, as she boasts to Jimmy how she held a special screening of her sex romps at Disneyland.

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