Courtney Ford Nude Scenes From “Dexter”

Courtney Ford Nude Scenes From “Dexter”

The videos below feature all of Courtney Ford’s nude scenes from the Showtime series “Dexter”.

On “Dexter” Courtney played a psychopathic killer, but worse than that she was also a tremendous whore as you can see from these nude scenes.

For certainly we can all agree that it is preferable to watch a woman like Courtney murdering people in cold blood rather than running around with her itty bitty titties on display like this.

In fact, if Courtney were to include a few Jews during one of her homicidal rampages, it would do far more to rouse our tunic snakes from their pious slumber than any amount of her blasphemously bare skin. For there are few things more erotic than seeing a crazed woman with a AK-47 righteously mowing down the enemies of Islam in a blaze of glory… With that said if anyone needs me I’ll be in my tent.

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