Christy Williams Nude Scenes From “Ray Donovan”

Christy Williams shows off her bare boobs in the nude scene above from the Showtime series “Ray Donovan”.

Unfortunately Christy Williams did not stop there, as she later shows off her nude tits and ass on “Ray Donovan” in the video below.

After seeing these nude scenes there is no denying that Christy Williams’ breasts and butt are extremely well formed, and worthy of serving as receptacles for a Muslim’s potent ball juice. Of course Christy’s “resting bitch face” could use some work, but it is nothing a good niqab or a few backhanded slaps couldn’t fix.

Really the only thing preventing Christy from the unimaginable pleasures of serving as a concubine in a Muslim’s harem is the fact that she simulated sex with a dirt skin Sub-Saharan simian on this show. For even though the sex was faked the stigma of being a filthy mudshark whore remains… Besides she probably still contracted the AIDS from the encounter.

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