Victoria Justice Bikini Cell Phone Video Leaked

This video of Victoria Justice wearing a bikini in a bathtub just leaked online. Clearly this Victoria Justice bathtub bikini video was meant for her boyfriend (or one of her numerous lovers), as she keeps talking about how “amazing” her tits are and how he would “love” it there on top of them.

The other two bikini videos that follow were once briefly posted to Victoria’s Instagram for her fans. However, they were almost immediately removed because Victoria’s Zionists masters still want her to project the image of a “good girl”, and her whoring her nearly nude body on the beach and in hot tubs contradicts this wholesome marketing scheme.

It is good to see that there are still Victoria Justice leaks coming weeks after her nude photos were originally posted online. Let us pray to Allah that a video of her finger popping her baby box is leaked next, so Victoria Justice can be exposed as the vile Jezebel us Muslims always knew that she was.

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