Vanessa Hudgens New Tattoo Pic

Vanessa Hudgens New Tattoo Pic

Disney star and nude self-shot photographer Vanessa Hudgens got a new tattoo on her neck, and posted the above picture to show it off to her handful of fans.

As you can see the tattoo is of a colorful “X”. No word yet on what the X symbolizes, but I am willing to speculate that the X stands for Vanessa Hudgen’s nickname “X-Rated”.

Regardless, of the meaning behind Vanessa Hudgens’ new tattoo, it is offensive to us Muslims because the letter X is the mark of a whore. Allah in his infinite wisdom gave women 2 X chromosomes, because women are whores by nature and must fight against their inner desires.

By getting a tattoo of the letter X Vanessa Hudgens has branded herself an unrepentant slut, and she must be punished for such brazen depravity. Allahu Akbar!

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