Sook-Yin Lee Sex Scenes From ‘Shortbus’ Video

The movie “Shortbus” is the most accurate depiction of Western society ever put on the big screen.

As you can see in the video above, this film is refreshingly honest in its portrayal of life in the West as nothing but a series of depravities involving blasphemous interracial sex, flaming homoqueerism, and of course autofellatio.

“Shortbus” stars Chinese Canadian actress and radio personality Sook-Yin Lee, who engages in real on screen sex and masturbation throughout the film.

One must commend Sook-Yin Lee on actually having real sex in this film, and refusing to be a hypocrite like most of the other actresses in heathen Hollywood who only simulate sex on screen even though they have been pounded more times than the I in Pixar.

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