Rihanna 3D Computer Virus Sweeps The Internet

Rihanna 3D Computer Virus Sweeps The Internet

A Rihanna computer virus is sweeping the Internet, and baffling computer security experts. If your computer displays the above Rihanna photo in 3D then it will immediately become infected with the virus.

The signs of infection by the Rihanna 3D computer virus include:


  • An off-pitch squealing noise which may be confused as “singing”.
  • A pus-like discharge from the USB drive.
  • Smoke and the strong smell of cannabis coming out the back fans.
  • Blisters on the monitor.

There is no cure for the Rihanna 3D virus yet, but if you think your computer may be infected experts suggest beating hell out of it, the virus seems to respond well to that.

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