Miley Cyrus Supports Hanging Of Blasphemous Woman

Miley Cyrus Supports Hanging Of Blasphemous Woman

As readers of our site are well aware, Miley Cyrus has become one of the foremost Muslim leaders against the forces of the Zionist controlled West.

Today Miley Cyrus made a powerful statement by having her picture taken wearing a sleek and stylish black burka while holding a giant wooden M for Muhammad.

Miley Cyrus obviously took this picture to show her support of the execution of a blasphemous woman from Pakistan. As the video below documents, this filthy kuffar woman slandered the name of Muhammad by saying he died with “worms in his mouth”.

Of course Pakistan is a civilized Muslim country so they immediately sentenced this heathen to death by hanging. Now the tyrannical Western media is trying to make the blasphemous woman out to be a martyr. See for yourself in the video below.

Praise be to Allah that we have dedicated Muslim women like Miley Cyrus who use their fame to show support for the execution of this kuffar bitch. It will be a great day for Islam when her neck is snapped and her blasphemous tongue wags no more. Allahu Akbar!

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