Miley Cyrus Shows Under Boob Tat

Miley Cyrus Shows Under Boob Tat

Well this is embarrassing. A month ago we reported that Miley Cyrus got an Anti-Semitic tattoo under her boob that said “Jewish Bitches”.

To correct our mistake Miley decided to show her boob and thus her tattoo once again in the photo above. Now we can clearly see that her tattoo does not say “Jewish Bitches”, it says “Jewish Douche”. The “che” ending is very clear in this photo just beneath Miley’s young supple barely illegal teenage tit.

Miley Cyrus having a tattoo that says “Jewish Douche” makes more sense anyway as “douche” is a hipper term than “bitches”, and Miley is definitely a proud Muslim woman on the cutting edge of trends.

My sincerest apologizes to you sister Miley Cyrus for originally misreading your Anti-Semitic tattoo. To make it up to you I will spread the word far and wide that your under boob tattoo says “Jewish Douche”. Allahu Akbar!

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