McKayla Maroney Cell Phone Hotel Room Pic

McKayla Maroney Cell Phone Hotel Room Pic

17-year-old US Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney plays with the camera on her cell phone while bored in her hotel room.

Perhaps it is the puberty preventing hormone injections they give to gymnasts, or the fact that she could crack a walnut between the cheeks of her powerful buttock, but despite her advanced age the sight of McKayla Maroney is still pleasing to us Muslim men.

It is just unfortunate that this was probably the most PG photo McKayla took, but in the uncivilized West McKayla Maroney is still considered a “minor”, so she can get into legal trouble if she “fully expressed herself” (as she is clearly dying to do).

By forsaking nubile flesh while allowing old whores well into their 20’s to prostitute their bodies with impunity, the Western world proves once again that it is a backwards and barbaric land.

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