Lia Marie Johnson In A Bikini On A Boat

18-year-old YouTube sensation Lia Marie Johnson takes her soft supple teenage titties out to sea while on a boat in a bikini in the video above.

If Lia Marie Johnson thinks that just because she is in international waters Sharia law does not apply to her, she is sorely mistaken. For the world is like one giant cruise ship and Allah is its captain, so not only does he alone have say on what course to plot and who is to get married, but he can also order floggings of those who disobey his orders.

Yes just because Lia Marie Johnson is in the middle of the ocean, doesn’t mean that brazenly showing her nearly nude body in a bikini isn’t haram. In fact, if us righteous Muslims were on board we’d take command of this vessel, drag Lia ashore, and stone her with seashells… Granted this may not sound very threatening, but Lia would be wise to remember that sometimes seashells can be pretty sharp.

Lia Marie Johnson In A Bikini On A Boat

On a related note the photo above of Lia in a one-piece swimsuit is a teaser from a new photo shoot she is doing on crotch tan lines and camel toe that will be coming out soon. So keep an eye out for that.

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