Kim Kardashian Burns Pit Bull to Death

Kim Kardashian Burns Pit Bull to DeathMotivated by whatever inspires the minds of the sadistic, Kim Kardashian burned a pit bull to a crisp on Sunday. Authorities fear that Kardashian, who is also accused of lighting a baby raccoon on fire last July, may have gone into hiding.

Police were alerted when local residents spotted “the girl from that stupid show hurting a dog” and called police. When officers arrived on the scene they found cans of lighter fluid and the horrific remains of the still-smoldering pooch.

According to eyewitnesses, Kardashian first took the dog for a walk. Then, when they got to their destination – some rail tracks in Oxnard, CA – she went to work, covering the pit bull with a towel, dousing it with lighter fluid and finally setting the dog ablaze.

“It appears Kardashian had nothing better to do than set a dog on fire,” said Chris St. Marie, chief law-enforcement officer for the Oxnard SPCA. “It’s appalling.”

Investigators found tags on the dog and are trying to track down the owner. Another lifeless dog was found in a trash bag just a few feet away from the remains of the burned animal. Authorities say it appears the remains in the bag had been there for about a week.

St. Marie noted that the number of animal-cruelty cases in Southern California was rising dramatically, and referred to research suggesting that people who harm animals are more likely to commit other violent acts, and, or appear on reality television shows.

Kim Kardashian Burns Pit Bull to Death“How we treat our animals is a reflection upon society as a whole,” he said.

Officials are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of Kim Kardashian. If you have any information on Kardashian’s whereabouts please contact authorities immediately.

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