Kendall Jenner Underage Bikini Model

Kendall Jenner Underage Bikini Model

Kardashian younger sister 16-year-old Kendall Jenner models a skimpy bikini in the photo above.

It is not entirely clear what this advertisement (which will run exclusively in the trade magazine “Candy And Old Vans Quarterly”) is selling, the bikini or Kendall Jenner. Of course in a civilized country like Qatar or Yemen the answer would obviously be Kendall Jenner.

However, in the backwards US of A parents often parade their daughters around in whorish outfits and then refuse to sell, and in fact get offended when a handsome Muslim man like myself approaches them and respectfully asks to inspect their daughter’s hymen. I don’t know what these infidel parents take me for, but I am not going to purchase a girl unless I can confirm that her maidenhead is intact! But I digress.

Though at 16-years-old Kendall Jenner is well into her prime breeding years, one can still see potential in this bikini picture. Provided Kendall is still a virgin I’d be willing to bid up to 2 goats, a bushel of figs, and the deed to a beautiful piece of property on the Afghanistan Pakistan border for Kendall’s services.

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