Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage

Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage

As you can see in the video above, pop star Justin Beiber vomited while performing (i.e. prancing around while lip-syncing to his horrible music) in Phoenix.

This video has set off a firestorm of speculation on what may have caused Justin Beiber to suddenly puke all over the stage. Below is a list of the most likely causes of Justin throwing up.

  • Justin is pregnant.
  • Justin is an alcoholic, and he was either drunk or going through withdrawals.
  • Justin ingested a bad batch of Usher’s man juice.
  • Justin’s ear plugs malfunctioned causing him to actually hear his real singing voice.
  • Justin has come down with a case of “Bieber Fever”… more commonly known as AIDS.

So which possible explanation is what actually caused Justin Bieber to puke? Hopefully all of them.

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