Justin Bieber Kissing Photos

Justin Bieber Kissing Photos

Gender ambiguous pop superstar Justin Bieber was just photographed kissing his opening act Jasmine Villegas in the back of what appears to be his mom’s Honda Accord.

Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas had been rumored to be dating, but both insisted that they were just friends and would wait until Justin Bieber’s testicles descended before pursuing anything romantic. Well it looks like these two teen love birds ran out of patience.

Not only is Justin Bieber’s 85lbs frame all over Jasmine Villegas, but he also appears to be coping some major boob with his left hand. Jasmine Villegas being the subservient frumpy Mexican that she is, appears to be just sitting back and taking it as Justin clumsily fumbles over her body.

Let us wish Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas all the luck in the world for their awkward teen romance. May the handjobs be bountiful, and who knows if Jasmine squeezes hard enough maybe Justin Bieber’s balls will drop.

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