Justin Bieber Is A Jew

Justin Bieber Is A Jew

Well this is not surprising and frankly I am ashamed that we missed it. As the picture above clearly shows pop diva Justin Bieber is a Jew.

Jews being the oppressive monsters that they are degrade their men by forcing them to wear a head dress known as a “yarmulke”. In our modern times it is barbaric for a religion to degrade a sex like this, but only if that sex is male of course.

The writing on the wall of Justin Bieber’s Jewyness has been there since the beginning. Justin is small, scrawny, and does not play sports. Also it has always been hard to determine his gender, probably because like all Jews he is secretly a reptilian shape shifter who gains strength from the blood of Palestinian babies.

Justin Bieber is talentless yet he receives an inordinate amount of publicity from the Zionist controlled media. They have forced their little Jew pop star down the throats of the brain dead Western masses. To what end is still unclear, but what is not is that Justin Bieber is a dangerous Zionist agent and he must be stopped.

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