Justin Bieber Goes And F*cks Himself

Justin Bieber Goes And F*cks Himself

The startling picture above was just leaked of pop songstress Justin Bieber literally going and fucking himself.

According to Bieber he grew curious about fucking himself after numerous run-ins with the general public. “It was like every time I was around someone who wasn’t a teenage girl, they were telling me to ‘go fuck myself’. I wanted to see what the big deal was” said Bieber.

Justin Bieber contacted the scientists who had successfully cloned Dolly the sheep back in the late 90’s, about cloning himself. “I told them I was interested in fucking myself, and they were eager to help.” Justin received his clone yesterday and wasted no time in going to town on his gender ambiguous teen body.

After the deed was done Justin Bieber emerged and appeared visibly confused and disappointed saying, “I just don’t understand it. Why was everyone tell me to fuck myself? I just laid their and my pussy tasted like chalk and stunk like flamingo vomit. It was horrible!”

Selena Gomez was unavailable for comment.

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