Emily Ratajkowski’s Hottest Moments Video

The video above is a compilation of all of model Emily Ratajkowski’s hottest nude moments.

Despite her shameful lack of erotic dark musty pubic hair, Emily Ratajkowski’s perfectly symmetrical body is hahal, as it is nearly identical to that of your average Muslim woman’s. Seeing this, Syrian merchants (ever the opportunists and skilled human traffickers) will no doubt soon be introducing Emily to a chloroform rag and the inside of a shipping container, so that she can start her exciting new life in the Middle Eastern sex slave industry.

Until that glorious day we must accept the fact that Emily Ratajkowski is fast becoming a mainstream star (she has even been getting roles in movies), so her days of showing her righteous naked body are unfortunately almost certainly behind her. Thankfully we will always have videos like the one above to remember Emily Ratajkowski’s whorish roots by.

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