Caitlyn Jenner Calls Rachel Dolezal The N-Word

Caitlyn Jenner Calls Rachel Dolezal The N-Word

The big news story in the US of A right now is that Rachel Dolezal, a leader in the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), was recently outed as being a white woman in black face by her parents.

In defense of her actions Rachel Dolezal has claimed that she is “transracial” and that she identifies herself as a black woman, citing none other than Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner as her inspiration for becoming her “true self”.

This comparison did not sit well with Caitlyn Jenner as she reportedly told her gal pals that, “This n**ger bitch better keep my name out of her mouth or I’ll snatch that weave off her head and then claw her eyes out.” Adding that, “I cut my goddamn dick off and all she did was tease her hair and put on some bronzer. How dare she try to steal my spotlight!”

Of course this creates quite the intellectual problem for the American liberal left, for if the twisted reasoning behind the transgender movement is valid in terms of gender then there is no reason why it should not apply to race as well. Luckily us Muslims have the answer to this whole freak show of a conundrum, and it starts and ends with the AK-47.

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