Britney Spears White Trash Bikini Video

Britney Spears whores her tatted up decrepit body in a bikini in the confusing video above.

What exactly is Britney Spears trying to achieve with this video? For she certainly can not still be under the delusion that her worn out white trash body is even remotely sexy? No, the purpose of this Britney Spears bikini video must be to nauseate us pious Muslim men… in which case it was mission accomplished.

In fact, Britney did such a good job offending my Muslim aesthetic with this video that I vomited up my pita and smoked lamb breakfast all over my keyboard. For Britney’s old meth junkie looks would test the constitution of even the most iron stomached Islamic warrior. You better believe that I will soon be sending a strongly worded fatwa to Britney’s people denouncing her for this heinous and completely unnecessary bikini display, and demanding that she reimburse me for my meal and a replacement keyboard… preferably one that is ergonomic as online Jihading is hard on the wrists.

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