Aubrey Plaza’s Sex Scenes In ‘Ned Rifle’

“Parks And Recreation” star Aubrey Plaza pops her titty out during a vigorous sex scene in her new movie “Ned Rifle”.

It is hard to say which is worse, the acting in this movie or Aubrey Plaza’s floppy breast meat. Scartch that… it is definitely Aubrey’s boob, for at least the acting does not make me want to rub sand in my eyes while I vomit up my smoked goat meat and tabbouleh breakfast.

Yes Aubrey Plaza has once again greatly offended Islam with both her complete lack of talent and extremely nauseating female body. Let us pray to Allah that one day we can make a sequel to “Ned Rifle” entitled “Achmed AK-47” in which Aubrey gets put against a wall and is served up a few rounds of Sharia justice.

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