Ariana Grande Says She Hates America And Americans

Great news brothers! In what is yet another triumphant victory for us Muslims, top infidel pop star Ariana Grande has just converted to Islam, as she was caught on camera in the video above saying how much she hates America and Americans. Ariana then even went as far as to refer to them all as “disgusting”, a feeling every red-blooded Muslim echos.

After seeing this video there can be no disputing that Allah is the one true God, for only he could take a recovering mudshark pop star whore like Ariana Grande, and lead her down this path of righteousness.

Of course there is more to being a Muslim then simply professing one’s hatred for America, as to fully complete her conversion Ariana will also have to skin a Jew. However, considering that Ariana is from Boca Raton, Florida and works in the entertainment industry finding a Jew to catch in a net baited with bits of gold and the Sunday newspaper’s coupon insert should be no problem at all.

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