Anna Kendrick’s Bra And Panties Scene From “Digging For Fire”

Hipsters throughout the Western world will no doubt be creaming their skinny jeans after seeing that their dream girl, the sassy ferret faced slut Anna Kendrick, is finally shows off some skin on film by stripping down to her bra and panties in the scene above from her new movie “Digging For Fire”.

Anna Kendrick will not have to dig too far to find fire, for after this brazen immoral bra and panties display the crust of the earth would gladly split beneath her so that she can be swallowed up into the hellfire to burn for all of eternity were she belongs.

Now that Anna is showing off her underwear on film it is just a matter of time before she starts doing nude scenes, and offending our pious Muslim eyes with her quirky tit meat. Knowing Anna these future nude scenes will be ironic and irreverent, but rest assured that won’t help her any when she is on trial in Sharia court for her crimes against Islam.

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