Angelina Jolie’s Nude Scene From “By The Sea”

Angelina Jolie resurrects her boobs in this nude scene from her new film “By The Sea”.

As you may recall, Angelina Jolie famously had her titties cut off after learning from an Imam that her boobies were immodestly large and thus ran a high risk of being inflicted with cancer for their insolence. However as you can see in the video above, Angelina used the Satanic Jew science of plastic surgery to reconstruct her shameful mammaries for this brazen topless display in “By The Sea”.

It is a good thing that Angelina is by the sea with her blasphemous freaky Frankenstein tits, for it means us righteous Muslims won’t have to travel far to tie a boulder around her legs and drop her in a body of water for this heinous crime against nature. Of course before we do so we will take our scimitars and chop off those abominations she has stuffed in her chest cavity, and turn them into bowls for the serving of hummus and delicious dates… For they will certainly make an interesting conversation piece at our mujaheddin parties.

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