Amanda Bynes Stars In Anti-Interracial Dating PSA

Amanda Bynes stars in this anti-interracial dating PSA, as it chronicles her shocking transformation from fresh-faced bright-eyed potential Muslim wife to degenerate mudshark skank.

This Amanda Bynes PSA is part of the “Black Guys – Not Even Once” advertising campaign (a spin-off on the meth campaign with a similar slogan) that is set to run nationwide in the hopes of battling the epidemic of coal burning sluts in the heathen US of A.

The side effects from getting with a black guy are well-documented and include weight gain, poorly dyed blonde hair, hoop earrings, AIDS, single mothering of mongrel offspring, Kool-Aid breath, and diarrhea. That is why it is so important that this Amanda Bynes PSA scare at risk humpblack whales straight before they throw their lives away by going over to the dark side.

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