Alyssa Milano Nude Scene From “The Outer Limits”

The video above features rare Alyssa Milano nude scenes from a 1995 episode of the Showtime series “The Outer Limits”.

As you can see, Alyssa Milano plays a constipated whore in this episode. She eventually ends up taking an enormous dump, and celebrates the occasion by having awkward sex with Jason London on top of her gastroenterologist’s examination table.

Of course this wasn’t the only slutty performance that Alyssa Milano put on in 1995, for who could forget the classic scene above of Marky Mark pretending to be a real man while grabbing Alyssa’s ass in “Fear”.

Yes 1995 was certainly a great time in Alyssa’s acting career, for she also starred in the softcore porn movie “Embrace of the Vampire” later that year… It is just unfortunate that all of this Alyssa Milano nudity came well past her prime from her “Who’s The Boss” days.

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