Alexis Knapp Nude Scene From “Project X”

The video above features Alexis Knapp’s nude scene from the film “Project X”.

As you can see from this video, in this movie Alexis continues her unbroken streak of being cast as a tremendous slut, and she is so horny for dick that she throws herself at some scrawny manlet and forces him to massage her naked breasts. Of course in typical infidel sex scene fashion copulation never actually occurs, as this half-a-fag’s girlfriend bursts into the room and becomes hysterical causing him to chase after her and leave Alexis’ aching moist baby cave unfulfilled.

Of course if this were one of us virile Muslim men in this nude scene with Alexis Knapp things would have gone quite differently. First and foremost we would never allow a woman to be the sexual aggressor, or take a dominate position by being on top. With that said if one of our other concubines were to interrupt our sexing and dared to express displeasure as it was her turn to take on our mighty meat scud, we would immediately put an end to any drama with a swift backhanded slap across her face. Then she would dutifully tongue bath Alexis’ sin button while we buried our tunic snake deep into Alexis’ rectal hole.

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