Alexandra Daddario vs. Kelly Rohrbach: Baywatch Bouncing Boobs Battle

Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach partake in a good old fashioned bouncing boobs battle in the clip above from the “Baywatch” movie.

When it comes to breasts few women in heathen Hollywood can best Alexandra Daddario, and unfortunately for Kelly Rohrbach she is certainly not one of them. For even though her boobs produce more actual bounce in this clip, Alexandra’s massive milky white mammaries in motion still reign supreme.

Of course a few years ago, Alexandra would have gladly run around with her bare boobies out flapping in the breeze in a scene like this. If she had done so perhaps the Baywatch movie wouldn’t have bombed so badly in the box office.

However as you can see in the sex scene clip from Alexandra’s new movie “The Layover” above, Alexandra seems to think she no longer has to expose her righteously round udders to be successful, and that she can get by on her acting “talents” alone.

Unfortunately for Alexandra she is going to learn the hard way that nothing could be further from the truth. Sadly for her if she had whipped out her titties in this sex scene she’d almost certainly have won an Oscar… Assuming that this “The Layover” is a Holocaust film of course.

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